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This series introduces the flow of making accessories with the 3DCAD app “Shapr3D" for iPad.

This time, its name is “Puzzle Ring".

At first glance, it is a two-tone ring, but it is not completely separated even if it can be disassembled and can be disassembled, and multiple rings are connected.

You can create such complex shapes by shaving them, but I think you can do it in no time by using 3DCAD and 3D printing.

In addition, I can make it with various colors and materials.

This time, various calculations are necessary, but it seems that various variations can be done, and I want to make various things in the future.

Basic structure

First of all, I think that it is better to have you grasp the basic structure, so please take a look at this photo.

Basic structure of puzzle rings during disassembly
prepare things in this shape
Basic structure of puzzle rings Combinations
It overlaps like this.
Basic structure of puzzle ring ring
When you round it, it becomes like this.
Basic structure of puzzle rings Ring disassembly
It can be disassembled even after it is a ring, and then the two rings are intertwined in this way.

In this photo, the case of the two rings is listed, but when combined, it becomes one ring, but it falls apart and is called a puzzle ring because it is like a puzzle.

In fact, there seem to be surprisingly many rings with such designs, and there are many more complex shapes.

If you are interested, please search by all means.

Dimension concept

This time, I made three puzzle rings and four puzzle rings using Shapr3D.

Before we actually get into working with Shapr3D, I’d like to introduce a little more about the structure.

It may be a little hard to see, but it is a conceptual diagram when a triple puzzle ring is made with a width of 2 mm.

Roughly color-coded, each of the three rings has this shape. The shape of both ends is rotated 180 degrees in the same shape.

The intersecting parts are squares 2 √ 2 lengths on one side.

Puzzle Rings Various Dimensions
When you think of combining a 2 mm wide plate

In this, I divided it into three parts and named A and B respectively.

There are two A, but these are the same shape and only have different orientations.

I think that you can understand why these three ways are divided if you look at the flow after this.

From here, I will move on to the explanation of shapr3D operation, but if you want to know the basic part of how to operate Shapr3D, I think that this article will also be helpful.

Make the first ring

Make parts of the V-shaped part.

First of all, we will make the first ring, the part that corresponds to A in it.

How to make Shapr3D Puzzle Ring Making Parts
First, make a V-shaped part.

Perhaps if Shapr3D can use functions such as assemblies, you do not need to think complicatedly, but since there is no such function, you have to make part A while thinking about it as a ring.

As mentioned above, the ring of part A and the horizontal length are 4 mm when the width is 2 mm.

This time, in Shapr3D, the width of the ring is made with a ring of 1 mm, so the dimensions of the same part will be 2 mm.

In addition, this part is supposed to extend 45 degrees diagonally from the horizontal direction of the ring, but if you look at it, it is 2 mm off.

So, I use shapr3D’s “rotate" function.

This time I am thinking of making a ring of No. 9 (radius 7.83 mm), and the thickness is 2 mm, so the diameter is 19.66 mm, and the circumference is 61.7 mm.

Part A is about 3.2% of the circumference because it wants to be 2 mm in length, so it is 11.52 degrees in terms of angle.

In other words, when using “Rotation", rotate the angle 11.52 degrees, and shift it 2 mm vertically to form part A.

Connect with a ring

The first ring (pink in the photo above) only has to connect two parts A, so I will copy the part A I created earlier. It would be easy to use “mirror".

After that, it only has to be a ring normally, so if you rotate the remaining angle of the angle for part A2, you can make a ring that sticks perfectly. (360-11.52×2)

How to make a Shapr3D puzzle ring Connecting with a ring
Connect the V-shaped part with a ring.

Cut unwanted parts

The ring made so far has a different shape from the previous photo, so cut the unnecessary part.

Since the part of part A should be 2 mm, prepare and slide an appropriate sketch as follows.

How to make a Shapr3D puzzle ring Cut unwanted parts
Cut the parts that are no longer needed.

Make a second ring

Now that the first ring is complete, we will make a second ring.

Copy the first ring and the common part

The second ring is the yellow part of the previous photo.

This can be made by connecting two parts A and one part B.

The first ring and part A are common, so I’ll copy it.

Add Part B

Continue to create part B.

In a similar way, the horizontal length of the ring of part B is 6 mm in the circumference 61.7 mm of the circle of 19.66mm in diameter, so it is 9.7%.

9.7% of 360 degrees is 34.92 degrees, so rotate it 34.92 degrees using “rotation" in the same way, and if you shift it by 6 mm, part B is completed.

Shapr3D How to Make a Puzzle Ring Make a Second Ring
Basically copy the first ring. Add only one part.

Connect with a ring

Now you have the parts you need. Connect parts A2 and parts other than part B with a ring with a width of 1 mm.

Make a third ring

The third ring is the same as the first ring, so simply copy the first ring and rotate it 180 degrees.

Shapr3D How to make a puzzle ring Third ring
The third ring just copies the first one.

Cut the intersecting areas.

Now we have a basic ring.

The next time you combine each ring, cut the intersections.

If it intersects, it is better to allow one to pass up and one of them down.

Copy the overlapping parts, move them to overlapping positions, and adjust the width in half.

After that, use “Difference" to remove the overlapping parts. Once one side is cut down, the opposite part can be well overlapped by cutting the upper side.

How to make a Shapr3D puzzle ring Cut overlapping parts
When you have three rings, cut the overlapping parts when combined.

Each part is attached and completed

By now, each ring is complete.

Each ring is all different so far, but it is convenient to “union" each ring.

How to make a Shapr3D puzzle ring Complete a triple ring puzzle
This completes the three puzzle rings.

The rest is completed if you arrange it so that it overlaps well.

Four puzzle rings are also easy

Once you’ve made it this far, it’s easy to make four puzzle rings.

All you have to do is make two second rings. (1, 2, 2, 3)

If you make it three, you can make five series. (1, 2, 2, 2, 3)

How to make a Shapr3D puzzle ring Complete a quadruply ring puzzle
Add the same one as the second ring and you can make it four in a row.

It is also explained in the video.

How was it?

I think that there were many parts that were difficult to understand in words.

I think that it is easier to understand if you look at this together because the flow of modeling is made into a video and it is given to Youtube.

This channel shows you how to use Shapr3D using real-world examples.

In addition, we also make videos of making accessories by processing silver and brass, so if you are making accessories, please subscribe!

Here’s what you actually printed in 3D

I actually tried to print this in 3D.

I printed with titanium, but immediately after printing, I was not addicted well because the dimensions were barely w


However, I polished it and made it fit firmly. I was able to do three and four in a row.

Finally, it was finished by coloring with anodizing.

Titanium Puzzle Ring 2 pieces
2 pieces
Titanium Puzzle Ring 3 pieces
When it is a three-piece thing.
Titanium puzzle ring 3 pieces assembled
Three-piece pieces

The anodizing of titanium is summarized in this article, so please take a look if you are interested.



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